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The government said the objectives of these projects are to i

In golf … ft-Jersey/ , one of the more frustrating part of anyone s game can be their iron play. On the tee, you at least get to raise the ball off the ground and make solid contact. When you are hitting middle irons, you are trying to strike the ball perfectly as you also strike the ground. If the ground is hard, then you could injure yourself or damage your club.

If there is a rock buried right where your ball is sitting … ft-Jersey/ , then you are in for some serious trouble and some stinging hands. But when an iron shot is done correctly, it can be a beautiful sight to a relieved golfer. There are a few things you can do with each iron shot that will improve your chances of getting the results you are looking for.

Making contact with the ball with your irons at the precise moment is critical. When it is done right, an iron shot should not make you feel like there is hardly any impact on the club face at all.

If you are constantly feeling the divots you are digging up when you strike the ball, or if you can feel the ball striking the club face … ft-Jersey/ , then your swing is not square with the ball. If that happens, then it is time to hit the driving range.

Lay one of your longer irons down on the ground pointing at whatever target you choose on the range. You may want to use an older iron for this that you do not currently need for your regular game. That club on the ground is going to help you learn how to line up the ball with your iron shot stance to make contact cleaner.

Place a ball three inches from the shaft of the club on the ground, and then assume your normal stance. The club on the ground should be in between the feet and the ball, lined up with your feet and shoulders and pointing at the target. Now choose a middle iron and practice striking the ball without hitting the club on the ground.

Swing slowly at first … ft-Jersey/ , then when you feel confident pick you your club speed. This forces you to swing completely through the ball on the ground, and it also straighten out your swing path. This should help you make cleaner contact and stop digging up miles of real estate with each swing.

Hitting good iron shots is all about hitting to a target and then playing your shot to that target. For example, if you know you hit a slight hook with your irons then choose a target near the green that is to the right of the green and that should allow your shot to hook on to the green.

You should never shoot for the green itself; you should always choose another target to hit to in order to improve your chances of getting the results you want. It can be helpful to give yourself a range of targets to hit to. For example, if the green sits between two large trees then hit your shot between the two trees. As long as you are properly judging distance … ft-Jersey/ , you should be able to use targets to hit the green more accurately.

Sometimes in golf you can outsmart yourself and think way too much about a shot. After you have some experience, iron play becomes as much about feel as it does technical ability. Always go with your first thought when it comes to choosing irons.

The next time you watch a pro tournament, you should try and count how many times they change clubs and then hit a less than desirable shot. You will notice that more often than not changing clubs means lowering your chances at a good shot. Even if you are not a pro, you should always trust your first instinct with iron shots.

Irons can get you out of trouble … ft-Jersey/ , or irons can get you into even more trouble on the golf course. Just take your time, and play the best shot you can so that you can move on to the short game.
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DUBLIN, March 16 (Xinhua) -- The Irish government on Wednesday announced the allocation of over 23 million euros (about 26 million U.S. dollars) for public transport projects in the Greater Dublin Area.

Under the government's sustainable transport grant scheme for 2016 … ft-Jersey/ , 121 projects will benefit from funding to make public transport "more sustainable and ultimately more attractive".

These projects, which include improvements to bus, cycle and pedestrian routes and revisions to traffic management systems, are designed to encourage greater use of sustainable and public transport options … ft-Jersey/ , reduce congestion and facilitate economic activity in the Greater Dublin Area.

The total funding being allocated in 2016 is 23.21 million euros. This will be distributed between 121 projects within the Greater Dublin Area, including Kildare, Meath and Wicklow counties.

Provision is also being made for projects at a number of universities campuses across the Greater Dublin Area that will encourage students to take the bus or to cycle to and from college.

The government said the objectives of these projects are to increase the number of people using public transport and to increase walking and cycling, in particular for local trips to work … ft-Jersey/ , school, retail and leisure activities within the Greater Dublin Area. (1 euro = 1.12 U.S. dollars)

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