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BEIJING Authentic Dallas Stars Jerseys , March 26 (Xinhua) -- Results from an early trial of an Ebola vaccine developed by Chinese researchers indicate it is safe, according to a paper published in The Lancet medical journal.

The findings suggest the high-dose vaccine is safe and ""robustly immunogenic,"" its developers said Wednesday in the journal, adding that one shot of the high-dose vaccine could mount a ""glycoprotein-specific humoral and T-cell response"" against the Ebola virus in 14 days.

The vaccine is the first based on the Ebola virus strain responsible for the west African outbreak. Until now, all tested Ebola vaccines were based on a virus strain from the Zaire outbreak of 1976.

The vaccine was jointly developed by the biotechnology institute of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and Tianjin CanSino Biotechnology.

A team of Chinese researchers, led by Zhu Fengcai with the disease prevention and control center in Jiangsu Province Dallas Stars Jerseys For Sale , tested the vaccine's safety in 120 individuals from the province.

The test subjects were randomly assigned a placebo, or a low or high dose of the vaccine.

""No serious adverse events"" were reported during the trial, the researchers said, adding the most common reaction was mild pain at the injection site.

According to the study, the new trial vaccine is stable and much easier to store or transport in tropical areas with inadequate cold-chain capacity, such as west Africa.

The deadly Ebola virus has killed more than 10 Cheap Dallas Stars Jerseys ,000 people in west Africa out of nearly 25,000 infected since the start of 2014, and no licensed vaccine against the virus is available yet.

" "

LISBON, March 26 (Xinhua) -- Portuguese Finance Minister Maria Luis Albuquerque on Thursday said that the news that country's 2014 budget deficit reaching 4.5 percent of gross domestic product was ""very positive and encouraging.""

""The figures that were published today for the 2014 deficit are better than what we were forecasting,"" Albuquerque said, adding that it ""boosts confidence"" that the target for this year is within reach.

The finance minister Jason Spezza Stars Jersey , who was speaking at the inauguration of the new Easyjet base at Porto airport in northern Portugal, said that citizens would ""understand the need for the sacrifices that were made"" over the past three years of harsh austerity measures implemented by the government.

Earlier on Thursday, the Portuguese National Institute of Statistics (INE) revealed that the country's public deficit stood at 4.5 percent of GDP in 2014, below the government's forecast of 4.8 percent in September last year.

Portugal exited its 78-billion-euro bailout program three years after it signed with the troika of its international lenders -- the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank in May last year.

The Portuguese government has been implementing harsh austerity measures to achieve its objective agreed with the troika under the bailout program, including spending cuts and tax hikes.

According to the commitments made by Portugal under the bailout program Alexander Radulov Stars Jersey , the country's deficit last year should have been reduced to 4 percent of GDP.

" Our quest to seek out America?s most bizarre attractions continues to the Mid Western state of Illinois. While the typical Illinois vacation would have you taking in a Cubs game, dining on Chicago deep dish and journeying to the top of the Willis (Sears) Tower, we?ll have you experiencing everything but. So buckle up, put on your best Chicago accent, and journey with us to five of Illinois strangest attractions:

1. Funeral Home Mini Golf: Palatine, Illinois

When they re not embalming a corpse or displaying the dead Ben Bishop Stars Jersey , you can bet the staff and patrons of the Palatine Funeral home will be in the basement playing a round of death themed mini golf. In fact, a free round of golf comes included with each funeral package.

The smell of formaldehyde fills the air, as you put your way through a challenging course filled with coffins, tombstones and other funeral themed memorabilia. Land your ball in the hole and watch it plummet 6 feet under.

2. World?s Heaviest Man?s Grave: Benville, Illinois

It?s only fitting that the final resting place of the world?s heaviest man, should be located but a stones throw away from the site of the world?s first McDonald s Restaurant. While there?s no telling just how many Big Macs Stephen Johns Stars Jersey , apple pies and hot fudge sundaes Robert Earl Hughes consumed during his life, it?s safe to assume it helped him get where he is today.

Once weighing in at a hefty 1041 LBS, Hughes subterranean eat nothing diet has reduced him to nothing but bones.

3. Live Otters In Bank: Kewanee, Illinois

At Kewanee?s Union Federal Savings and Loan, you can make a deposit, take out a loan Brett Ritchie Stars Jersey , and pay a visit to Oscar and Andy, the bank?s dynamic otter duo (though Oscar Sadly passed away in 2008).

Housed in a giant pit at the centre of the bank, the otters have succeeded in re inspiring investor confidence in the midst of the financial crisis. In fact, prices of fisheries stocks (the otters primary food source) have risen a staggering 64 since the arrival of the playful pair.

Bank Otters

4. World?s Largest Bagel Parade: Matton, Illinois

Bring out the cream cheese, prepare your cutting knifes Esa Lindell Stars Jersey , warm up your toasters and get set for a carbohydrate rich parade that puts Macy?s Thanksgiving Parade to shame.

There?s no need for elaborate floats or fancy costumes here, no, the men and women happily dressed as poppy, sesame, onion and chocolate bagels are all you need.

Aside from the big name musicians and street performers who show up for their fill of dough, the event is highlighted by the appearance of the world?s largest bagel. To our disappointment however Tyler Pitlick Stars Jersey , the m. Nike NBA Jerseys China   MLB Jerseys China   Basketball Jerseys Wholesale   MLB Jerseys From China   Custom Soccer Jerseys From China   Football Jerseys From China   Authentic NHL Jerseys Free Shipping   Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale   Throwback MLB Jerseys Cheap   College Hockey Jerseys Wholesale

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