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BUENOS AIRES, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) -- Lionel Messi paid the wages of Argentine team's security staff out of his own pocket after hearing they hadn't received their salary for six months, according to media reports.

The Argentine Football Association is mirred in an going financial crisis amid allegations of corruption and mismanagement.

Journalist Juan Pablo Varsky told Metro 95 radio that Messi was told of his countrymen's plight before Argentina's World Cup qualifier against Brazil in Belo Horizonte last week.

"Messi was in his room... when a knock at the door came," Varsky said. "Two or three people appeared, all from the security team who look after the Argentine squad. They said, 'Leo, we have to talk with you. For five or six months they have not paid us. The situation is complicated, you are the captain of the team, you know us, we are asking for your help'."

According to Varsky, Messi immediately called his father, Jorge, asking that he sent the money to the unpaid staff.

"When Messi finds out that someone told this he will be furious, but it doesn't matter," said Varsky. "There are a lot of actions he doesn't want people to know about but I thought it pertinent to tell this because there is no reason not to, save for his anger."

Casablanca is a famous classic movie if ever there was one set in the exotic Casablanca Washington Redskin Throwback Jersey , Morocco of the 1930's. Casablanca is a movie that expresses the irony and pain of life, but more importantly, it expresses the joys that life can bring.

With an unlikely and almost unwilling hero played by Humphrey Bogart, and a beautiful and naive heroine Casablanca will make you cry Tennessee Titans Throwback Jersey , laugh and feel as no other movie will.

Casablanca the city is a mixed bag of Morocco, where modern, hip and seedy all come together. Casablanca is 240 Km North of Marrakesh. There is train service for about 10 Eurosperson.

Morocco's gross domestic product grew 8.1 percent in 2006, up from 1.7 percent in 2005. Moody's Investors Service rates the country as "stable Tampa Bay Buccaneers Throwback Jersey ," with credit strengths that include a young population, as well as structural and democratic progress. Morocco's Jewish minority has decreased significantly and numbers only about 7,000 (See History of the Jews in Morocco).

Most of the 100,000 foreign residents are French or Spanish; many are teachers or technicians and more and more retirees migrate to Morocco Seattle Seahawks Throwback Jersey , especially to Marrakesh. Morocco is a great place for American investment and exports: the country has a stable political environment, an advanced privatization program, prudent fiscal policies, and a low inflation rate.

Casablanca's modern attitude and big-city edge makes it today the most cosmopolitan of all Moroccan cities San Francisco 49ers Throwback Jersey , a vibrant economic hub with the largest port found anywhere in the Maghreb. Some of the highlights worth exploring include the majestic Hassan II Mosque and the lively squares of Place des Nations Unies and Mohammed V, which host some of the city's most impressive architecture.

Casablanca is a giant metropolitan port city with unmistakable Moroccan flavor and international appeal. Casablanca is also a mixture of old and new, with the recently completed Hassan II Mosque, the second largest in the world Pittsburgh Steelers Throwback Jersey , and a notably historic medina of its own. Casablanca stands for one of the most progressive African cities.

Casablanca is also the center for more than half of all bank transactions in Morocco. Casablanca is the seat of numerous Arab and French schools, an art school, the Goethe-Institut, and the Hassan II mosque (1993) Philadelphia Eagles Throwback Jersey , one of the world's largest. Casablanca is also the home of the Hassan II Mosque, the second largest in the world. The Jewish community contributed to the construction of this mosque, which was inaugurated in 1994.

Casablanca the movie is useful as it offers a snapshot of a moment when World War Two was just getting underway and was yet to be won. To think about the flow of history can result in an understanding of the fear that the Nazis instilled or the difficulty involved in assembling a workable allied unity. Since the movie, Casablanca the city and Morocco have attracted people from all over the world who were influenced by the intrigue of the movie and who savor travel adventures.

Casablanca has a reputation for its beaches and nightlife. While in Casablanca Oakland Raiders Throwback Jersey , be sure to visit the Royal Palace and the Great Mosque, as well as the Hassan II Mosque, which is one of the only mosques in Morocco that a non-Muslim person can enter.

Casablanca is the economic center of Morocco and its most modern city. The largest city in North Africa, with a population of more than 4 million people New York Jets Throwback Jersey , Casablanca is renowned not only in movie lore but also for its fascinating array of eclectic architecture, its leather work and its Medouin carpets.

For a holiday in a cosmopolitan and exotic North African city Casablanca is well worth checking out.

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